Step by step on how you can travel to Canada via plumbing job

Step by step on how you can travel to Canada via plumbing job
Step by step on how you can travel to Canada via plumbing job

For those of you who want to travel to Canada the way Uche did through plumbing skill, my advice to you is to learn any technical skill and be good in it if your serious about traveling and working in Canada. Skills like AC repair, auto mechanics, Plumbing, Carpentry, woodwork are all in demand especially when you don’t have higher educational certificates. But if your a graduate and above skills like cybersecurity, network/cloud architecture, data management, Junior Web Developer, Customer Support Representative, IT Support Specialist, graphic design and many more IT skills are in demand.

You can learn this skills in any of the vocational institutions across the country. If your in Lagos check this Lagos Vocational Training Centres but if your not in Lagos you can enroll in any of this kind of technical and vocational institution around your environment whether is too local or not, just make sure they give certificate after your completion. For those who already have a good skill follow this process bellow to begin your job search.

Searching for skilled jobs in Canada

Start by searching for jobs in your area of specialization (that is according that skill that you have). And here are the best websites to start from.

(1) As for me Jobbank remains the best platform to secure a job as a foreigner. to search for your preferred job in Jobbank just visit the site from this link when you land on the home page click on “advanced” as shown bellow.

Step by step on how my friend Uche travel to Canada via plumbing job

Then type in the job tittle your searching for. For example, i type in “Plumber” Scroll down and select the following:

  • English
  • Fulltime
  • Verified jobs
  • Canadian and international candidates

When your done selecting them click on view as shown bellow:

When you click on view, it will list all the available verified plumbing job with the opportunity of visa sponsorship. Click on any of the list to see the job details and how to apply for that particular job. Most of the application are through email, so you need to have prepared your CV and cover letter according to your skills. When you click “Show how to apply” at the bottom of each job listing it will bring up the email of the employer as shown bellow. Copy the email and send your well writing application attaching your CV and all your previous work experiences documents. If you have a portfolio website, make sure you attached all to the email.

For those who do not know how to write a good job application letter check this Sample on How To Write an Application Letter. If you get positive response from any employer you can request for visa sponsorship, but that will depend on how fast they need your service and how good you are in your field. Also check how to write a request for visa sponsorship.

Keep applying everyday. That was how Uche got his own job.

Other job website

Apart from Jobbank, here are some other websites that you find a good job in Canada.

(1) When you visit the website filter the job according to your job tittle.

(2) Your likely going to see the same job in Jobbank in Just make sure you dont missed any opportunity.

(3) One good thing about this platform is that you can contact the owner of the company you want to work for directly through linkedin. Create a good profile and follow your employer on this platform. You can even network with the company staffs and executive on this platform.

Relocate to Canada

When you finally get a job. Start your visa application process but make sure your employer has Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) to hire you.

This will show in your employment letter. Whether is employer specific work permit or open work permit.

Start your visa application

Applying for a Canadian visa from Nigeria you have to go through the the Federal Skilled Worker Program (FSWP). The criteria are listed bellow:

  • You must have experience as an expert in your skill.
  • Meet certain language proficiency
  • Have a valid job offer
  • Prof of fund

Get the the documents evolved ready and create your profile and submit it to the Express Entry pool.

If you cant handle the visa application ids advisable to meet a qualified agent to assist you throughout the visa application process.

Provide Biometrics

Biometrics Appointment:

  • Schedule an Appointment: After submitting your application, schedule a biometrics appointment at a Visa Application Centre (VAC).
  • Attend Appointment: Provide your fingerprints and photograph.

Check the processing times on the IRCC website to get an estimate of how long it will take for your application to be processed.

Remember You may be required to undergo a medical exam depending on personal health history. You will also need to provide a police certificate to prove you have no criminal record.

Travel to Canada

If everything when well and you finally traveled to Canada remember to seek the support of of your follow country people. You can do that by searching for groups online. Most people use nairaland forum to make Nigerian friend and you never can tell who is living nest door to you.

If you finally made it remember to give me some accolade for this simple guild by sharing it and commenting bellow.

For assistance contact me on watsapp

Testimony on how Uche traveled to Canada as a plumber

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